CHICAGOMarch 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HAAS Alert, an automotive safety technology startup, announced it has hired Jeff Niermann as Vice President of Connected Vehicle Sales to lead its business development activities with automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and emerging autonomous and electric mobility companies. Jeff brings decades of experience in sales and business development with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers. In his new role, Jeff will work to bring HAAS Alert’s V2X digital alerting platform Safety Cloud® to connected vehicles, building on the nearly 1 billion driver alerts it has processed to date through its existing navigation partners.

HAAS Alert co-founder and CEO Cory Hohs says Safety Cloud quickly gained traction within the automotive and mobility landscape as the trusted source for roadway safety alerts through its digital alerting technology. “In the last six months, we’ve seen a surge in demand from automotive OEMs for integrating Safety Cloud’s real-time digital alerts into connected vehicle infotainment and ADAS systems. Driver safety and vehicle technology are two of the most important factors that consumers consider when purchasing a new vehicle. Safety Cloud addresses both by leveraging connected vehicle technology to increase driver safety.”

Founded in 2015, HAAS Alert first prioritized growing the volume of roadway assets activated on Safety Cloud that lead to hazardous situations for other drivers. Almost 300 public safety departments, state & municipal DOTs, towing operators, and construction companies are connected to Safety Cloud today, generating 1.4 million minutes of roadway hazard time during February 2021 alone. Safety Cloud also comes standard on multiple fleet manufacturers and is compatible with the leading vehicle telematics and wireless communication systems (e.g., Geotab, Verizon Connect, Cradlepoint).

Given its strong momentum with fleets, HAAS Alert’s hiring of an automotive industry veteran to accelerate Safety Cloud adoption by automotive OEMs is well-timed. Roger Lanctot, a Director in Strategy Analytics’ Global Automotive Practice and automotive safety expert, believes cloud-based digital alerting will become a de facto standard vehicle safety feature within a few years. “Safety Cloud will help car makers deliver an easy-to-understand value proposition for vehicle connectivity,” says Lanctot. “It is nearly impossible to buy a car in the U.S. today without a connection already built-in, yet consumers don’t understand the value of that connectivity. Safety Cloud provides a high-frequency manifestation of connectivity value in the form of non-distracting safety alerts while driving.”

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Auto Mechanics for Dummies goes wrong

A gentleman’s car broke down on the freeway. He knew that help would take a little time to arrive, so he decided to give the engine a look. He was pretty confident in doing so since – by his recollection –  he has red a few DIY books on the basics auto mechanics. As it turned out, the knowledge he’s gathered wasn’t enough and managed to make a bad situation worse. The case culminated when he realized he locked himself out of the vehicle leaving the keys in the ignition. To top all that off, he was stranded near a desert area while the weather was pretty hot. About 100-ish. Ouch!

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Our New Updates and bug issues fixed and so much more .

Groups improvements
Group managers will now receive all relevant member-related notifications (join request, join notification etc). These notifications were exclusive to the group owners until now. This way they can do their job of managing members more efficiently.

We also fixed some issues with Groups plugin JavaScript firing in profile tabs, interfering with performance, and in extreme cases (usernames being numbers) outright breaking some things.

Bug fixes
A scenario was discovered where a user logging out in one tab of his browser would still generate AJAX load in another tab because the notifications/chat long polls would still run in the background. We made sure these are stopped once the lack of a valid session is detected